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Chi tiết sản phẩm
High-carbon material used in the plain and wound strings, results in the harmonic tone of Alice top series electric guitar strings. All the winding materials treated with the special processing, such as the strict tensile strength detecdtion, etc., which prolongs the service life and tone life of the strings, lead to the harmony timbre, steady tone and sensitive sound.

Nickel-Plated Steel

High-Carbon Steel Core
Nickel Alloy Wound

AE568-SL inch mm
E-lst   Nickel-Plated Steel .009 0.23
B-2nd Nickel-Plated Steel .011 0.28
G-3rd Nickel-Plated Steel .016 0.41
D-4th Nickel Alloy Wound .024 0.61
A-5th Nickel Alloy Wound .032 0.81
E-6th Nickel Alloy Wound .042 1.07