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Chi tiết sản phẩm
We launched a new classical guitar string with new image which is made through the new materials and new techniques. The E-1st ,B-2nd strings are traditional black monofilament nylon strings, and the G-3rd,D-4th,A-5th,E-6th strings are made of the high-flexibility multifilament nylon core which is wound by black coated cooper alloy wire. The whole set of strings is black and charming, which delivers the coincident colour, bright and mellow tone.

Black Nylon

Nylon Core
Silver-Plated Copper Wound
Proprietary Anti- Rust Coat

Classical Guitar Strings AC136BK-N inch mm
E-lst   Black Nylon .028 0.71
B-2nd Black Nylon .032 0.81
G-3rd Silver-Plated Copper Wound .025 0.63
D-4th Silver-Plated Copper Wound .029 0.74
A-5th Silver-Plated Copper Wound .035 0.89
E-6th Silver-Plated Copper Wound .043 1.09