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Chi tiết sản phẩm
These classical guitar strings are exclusively made, through internationally recognised techniques, from high quality material. The E-1st and B-2nd strings are clear nylon whilst the G-3rd,D-4th,A-5th and E-6th strings are silver-plated copper wound. The silver-plated copper wound G-3rd string, in comparison to the traditional nylon sting,is softer and more flexible.

Clear Nylon

Nylon Core
Silver-Plated Copper Wound
Proprietary Adnti- Rust Coat

AC136-N inch mm
E-lst   Clear Nylon .028 0.71
B-2nd Clear Nylon .032 0.81
G-3rd Silver-Plated Copper Wound .025 0.63
D-4th Silver-Plated Copper Wound .029 0.74
A-5th Silver-Plated Copper Wound .035 0.89
E-6th Silver-Plated Copper Wound .043 1.09